Myrick Park structure deemed a safety hazard

The last remaining piece of the old Myrick Park Zoo in La Crosse  is at risk of becoming a distant memory.

The Heritage Preservation Commission will be meeting Thursday evening to start the process of determining what to do with what is known as the ‘duck house’ and pond.  

The house was once a bird exhibit during the zoo’s heyday, but was shut down in 2007. The city has deemed the deteriorating house a safety hazard after a bridge connected to the house collapsed.

Now one group is stepping up to restore the house and keep it as a piece of La Crosse’s history.

“If this gets ripped out too along with everything else that’s been taken out, it would really hurt a lot of people in the community. I mean, it’s been generations of memories down here for so many people,” said  Sue Lacoste from the Myrick Park Community.

If you would like to join the effort to save the duck house, check out the group’s facebook page, Bring Back The Old Myrick Park.

Please note:   This story has been changed from its original version. The original version stated the Parks and Recreation was “looking to tear down what’s known as the ‘duck house’ and pond.” The Parks and Recreation Department is not looking to tear down the structure, but is getting the required guidance from the Heritage Preservation Commission on what to do with the duck house.