Myrick Park hosts fat tire bike race

Area cyclists had the chance to race on a unique course Saturday when Myrick Park held the Smashing Fatties Race for fat tire bikes. The race was free to attend, and donations went toward a fund for the trail.

A fat bike is a bike with a tire 3 inches or wider and makes it easier to ride in snowy conditions.

Local bike shops and riders volunteered their time and merchandise for the race in which competitors were timed on a route roughly a mile long.

Organizers said fat bikes are growing rapidly in popularity.

“It feels faster even though you’re going slower, and you’re riding on usually a much narrower trail. But there are a lot of people who buy these bikes, and these are the bikes that they ride all year long so it becomes their regular mountain bike For some people it’s a commuter. But today it’s their race bike,” race organizer Robbie Young said.