Multiple Democratic gubernatorial candidates could draw in Wisconsin voters

The Wisconsin primaries are less than two weeks away, which means it’s crunch time for the many campaigns. Some voters will be deciding which of the eight Democratic gubernatorial candidates will face off against incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

A July poll by Marquette University Law School shows 38 percent of Democratic primary voters are still undecided. For those who have made a choice, Tony Evers seems to have their vote.

“Every poll that I’ve seen has him ahead on the Democratic side. And there doesn’t seem [to have been] a lot of movement,” said Joe Heim, a political analyst.

Little changes in polling could be due to lack of enthusiasm but another factor could be voter recognition.

“[Evers] has the advantage of name identification, so polls tend to tap into that,” Heim said.

But once at the ballot box, candidates may be able to get some of those undecided voters, especially if they already represent the area.

“One of the candidates that’s better known is Kathleen Vinehout. She’s the state senator from the area north of here– Trempealeau up to Eau Claire,” Heim said.

Dave Saphner said he’s heard of some of the candidates like Evers and Madison Mayor Paul Sauglin, but he hasn’t been swayed.

“I think the state is just magnificently run. We have a 2.8 percent unemployment rate. It couldn’t be better,” said Saphner.

Whoever does win the Democratic nomination will face this hurdle– getting people to know their position on issues and how those differ from Walker, who has spent the last seven years in office.

“Sometimes that is a double edge sword. People know him from previous races and the policies that he’s done for the last six, seven years and they may not like him because of that,” Heim said.

But being from southeastern Wisconsin, Saphner is in favor of some of the governor’s work, including the Foxconn deal.

“He’s done a wonderful job. I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful governor,” Saphner said.