Mug Shot of the Day Winners

Mug shot of the day - 5/13/20

Today's winner is Brittany from Winona! She says her moment of silence in the morning would not be complete without her dog and her cat there.

Mug shot of the day - 5/8/20

Today's winner is Jesse from Rockland! Jesse says the family is holding strong and enjoying new experiences during tough times.

Mug shot of the day - 5/7/20

Today's winner is Laurie from Winona. She took this photo of the family's fur baby "Munkie", who prefers to drink water out of his coffee mug filled…

Mug shot of the day - 5/4/20

Today's winner is Becky from La Crescent. She says her dog is probably wondering why she's sitting in boiling water when they could be out in the snow!

Mug shot of the day - 4/28/20

Today's winner is Elizabeth from Tomah. This is her dog, Rollo, a two year old pitbull who loves to be outside and play with his ball!