Mug Shot of the Day Winners

Mug shot of the day - 2/26/20

Today's winner is Sandy from Black River Falls. Sandy took this picture of her five year old golden doodle Rufus. She says he only looks grumpy because he doesn't…

Mug shot of the day - 2/25/20

Today's winner is Jodie from Winona. She got this picture of her grandson enjoying a mug of cocoa after playing outside in the snow!

Mug shot of the day - 2/24/20

Today's winner is Jo-Dee from Onalaska. She took this photo last summer with a flowering cactus that only blooms for one day every year!

Mug shot of the day - 2/21/20

Today's winner is Teri from Holmen. She has an entire shelf of mugs to choose from, and says her husband really likes the variety!

Mug shot of the day - 2/19/20

Today's winner is Lori from De Soto. She was inspired by our Buzz Report last week and decided to balance a broom herself!

Mug shot of the day - 2/14/20

Today's winner is Bob from Onalaska. Bob says Paddy and Scruffy like to watch News 8 every morning, but they think Bill's forecast is just a bit "ruff"!

Mug shot of the day - 2/13/20

Today's winner is Joan from Onalaska. She says this photo was taken during sunrise and she got a nice view of the bluff from her deck!

Mug shot of the day - 2/10/20

Today's Winner is Jay from Ettrick. Jay is just enjoying his morning cup and apparently Bill predicted a wonderful morning of weather that day!

Mug shot of the day - 2/7/20

Today's winner is Jeff from Winona. Jeff and Lisa captured this photo from their place in Mexico. They want to share their sunny morning coffee with everyboday!

Mug shot of the day - 2/6/20

Today's Winner is Dana from Winona! Dana took this festive photo and says that coffee by Christmas light is her favorite way to start the day.

Mug shot of the day - 2/5/20

Today's Winner is Caroline from Trempealeau. She took this picture of her "hot stuff" mug around Christmas time, along with her very cute dog!

Mug shot of the day - 2/4/20

Today's winners are Rick and Dawn from Holmen! Rick says this picture was taken at family Christmas so each grandkid got to hold a mug.

Mug shot of the day - 2/3/20

Today's winner is Amber from Holmen. The two critters in the photo are Oakley the cat and Avery the dog. Amber says they basically run the house.

Mug shot of the day - 1/31/20

Today's Winner is Misty from Sparta! She says she took this photo from her deer blind on opening morning of hunting season in November.

Mug shot of the day - 1/29/20

Today's winner is Gary from Mindoro. Gary actually captured this picture last spring when the weather was just warming up! Gary says he's enjoying the view and a warm…

Mug shot of the day - 1/28/20

Today's Winner is Michelle from La Crescent, who captured this gorgeous shot of the ocean with her coffee mug. Michelle says the photo is…

Mug shot of the day - 1/24/20

Today's Winner is Melanie from Tomah! Melanie likes to enjoy a cup of coffee in the hot tub especially on a cold winter day.

Mug shot of the day - 1/23/20

Today's Winner is Scott from La Farge who sends us a picture of George in his perch. Scott says George likes to watch News…