Mt. La Crosse remains closed as warm weather continues

The warm weather has local skiers waiting as Mt. La Crosse has not opened yet.

You may notice some of the hills of Mt. La Crosse are covered in snow, but hill managers are waiting for some more consistently cold weather before opening.

Crews were able to make some snow overnight earlier this month, but have been waiting for a return to those colder temperatures. Mt. La Crosse managers say being able to get that first layer down helps prepare for those colder temps.

“The nice thing about having been able to get started is that everything is working, everything is ready to go, our staff has gone through what they need to to be ready to make snow, and so hopefully pretty soon we’ll be able to be making snow around the clock,” said Mt. La Crosse General Manager Darcie Breidel.

Crews hope to open Mt. La Crosse in about two weeks, but say these fluctuating temperatures may force them to push back that date.