Mt. La Crosse celebrates 60 years of skiing and snowboarding

Skiers and snowboarders are taking on the slopes for the 60th year at Mt. La Crosse.

The ski resort first opened in 1959.

Since then the resort has grown and now has eighteen slopes and trails.

Warmer weather last month forced the resort to close temporarily.

But it re-opened just in time for the new year, and its 60th anniversary.

One local skier has been taking on the slopes at Mt. La Crosse for more than 30 years.

He says skiing is how he enjoys the outdoors.

“I’m always outside, whether it’s you know, mountain biking or using trails in the summer, or you know, out here in the winter using the ski trails for skiing and snowboarding,” skier and snowboarder Joshua Blum said. “It’s just another good thing to be outside and being active.”

General manager Darcie Breidel says the resort is having a party at the end of February to celebrate 60 years.