Move-in day for Viterbo University students

Incoming Viterbo University students started their annual move-in and unpacking at 7 Friday morning.

Nearly 80 volunteers showed to help families lighten their load. 

Organizers say there is always mixed emotions from students during the move in. 

“There are definetely the people that are excited and ready to be here and ready do something  away from home,” said Vickie Unferth, Viterbo University’s director of residence life. “And there are people who are not quite ready. And there are people who are a little bit nervous.”


For many students the day is about meeting their roommate and possibly making lifelong friendships. For others it’s about experiencing the freedom from after moving away from home. 

“This is the time I feel like i want to make lifelong friendships so Rheannon is my roommate so I guess we’ll have a good start to the year,” said Viterbo student Justice Carson.

“I think having that freedom to do like do your own things to be just like on your own and your parents aren’t holding your hand anymore, so you can make all your own decisions,” said Viterbo student Rheannon Bewell.

Returning students are expected to begin their move-in tomorrow and continue through Sunday. Because of the move-in, expect heavier traffic around the Viterbo campus.