Move-in begins at UW-La Crosse, expects to create traffic near campus

Three days of move-ins begin for students returning to UW-La Crosse.

Students living in the Reuter Hall dormitory were able to move onto campus Thursday. That was the only dorm open for move-in to prevent having too many people and cars on campus at once.

More than 300 volunteers are also available during the three days, to help their fellow students settle into their home for the next school year.

Residence Life directors ask people to be patient and avoid the campus area if possible.

“We estimate between 5,000 and 6,000 vehicles over the next 3 days because parents will bring vehicles, students bring their own vehicle, there’s the occasional U-Haul or large trailers,” said UW-La Crosse Assistant Director of Residence Life Lisa Weston.

The rest of the students will be moving in Friday and Saturday.

Impacted roads include:

Highway 16 from Interstate 90 (exit 5) to La Crosse Street

Losey Boulevard from La Crosse Street to Main Street

La Crosse Street from Losey Boulevard to Oakland Street

Main Street from Losey Boulevard to 13th Street

State Street from Losey Boulevard to 13th Street

21st Street North from Main Street to Campbell Road

22nd Street North from La Crosse Street to Campbell Road

Campbell Road