Mother and daughter spend Christmas together working on the frontlines

LA CROSSE Wis. (WKBT) – This year many of us couldn’t gather with family on Christmas.

But for one mother and daughter, the pandemic gave them an opportunity they’ve rarely had in the past.

Meg Bonadurer, an RN at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, normally spends the holiday on the 7th floor of the hospital, while her mother, Kitty Maxwell Bonadurer, spends the day at home.

Kitty is a nurse in the general surgery clinic and hasn’t worked on a hospital floor for many years.

But when she found out the hospital was in need of volunteers to fill in, she jumped at the opportunity, finally getting a chance to spend Christmas with her daughter.

And for Meg, having her mom by her side was a really special experience.

“To have her actually know what I’m going through, because things are different, in-patient versus outpatient. So it’s nice that she’s kind of getting my experience for a while,” Meg said.

Meg said when she was younger she knew she wanted to go into the medical field, but it was her mom who helped her find her calling to become a nurse.