Mosquito-borne virus from the Caribbean in U.S.

More than 240 cases of Chikungunya so far

Health officials said mosquitoes in the U.S. are now transmitting a virus that has been rapidly spreading in the Caribbean.

Two people in Florida have been infected with the mosquito-borne virus Chikungunya.

The virus is not usually deadly.

Symptoms include fever and joint pain as well as muscle aches, headaches, joint swelling and rash. Typically, people feel better after a week but sometimes the joint pain can go on for weeks or months.

Infection Control Specialist Bridget Pfaff at Gundersen Health System said this virus will most likely not be the next global pandemic.

“It’s a good reminder for us that we have mosquito-borne illnesses right here in the La Crosse area that we need to look at. Do I have containers that are holding standing water on my property? How can I prevent some of these viruses from spreading?” said Pfaff.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there have been more than 240 cases of the virus reported in the U.S. so far, but those people are believed to have been infected outside the country.