More than a Trophy: What keeping the Ark would mean for Logan seniors

Logan football will renew the Battle for the Ark Friday night with Central at UW-La Crosse, and the Rangers don’t intend to hand it back to their cross-town rivals.

Last spring the Rangers stunned the then 4-0 Riverhawks to win the Ark for the first time since 2016. Seniors like Martell Owens say that win over Central was validation for the work they’ve put in over the years, and they want to chase that feeling one more time.

“For us seniors we feel like we definitely deserve it,” Owens said. “We’ve just been working hard. We’ve taken a lot of losses these last few years, people quitting on us, our numbers have been decreasing. Just things of that nature. It’s just something to build our brotherhood up before we get a chance to possibly make the playoffs if we win this game.”