More than a third of La Crosse County families struggling financially

Rate according to ALICE report

More than a third of La Crosse County households may not be able to handle an unexpected bill.

The concern is raised from a United Way of Wisconsin annual report that looks at how many people across the state are employed, but below to just above the federal poverty level.

The ALICE report found more than 35-percent of La Crosse County households, or 16,000, are struggling financially. The concerns grow within the city of La Crosse, with up to 52-percent of households struggling.

“The government pays for some basic programs for people who fall into poverty, but if you make too much money you don’t qualify for those programs. So now you’re in a category where you either make it on your own or you don’t make it at all,” said Great Rivers United Way Executive Director Mary Kay Wolf.

Great Rivers United Way has resources available for those just above the federal poverty level but are still struggling. You can learn about them at Great Rivers United Way’s website.