More resources available for people with eating disorders

Wisconsin resident championed bill

Lawmakers Monday made it easier for people suffering from eating disorders to find help and resources.

A Wisconsin resident championed the bill and traveled to the nation’s capital to lobby legislators after his wife suffered from bulimia. The measure will improve health insurance coverage for eating disorders, and helps provide additional training for health care providers.

Local health care providers say this is another aspect of health care people are beginning to pay more attention to.

“Eating too much, eating not enough, restricting food and over expenditure of energy, there’s a clear sign with severe medical consequences. So there’s the combination of both the physical consequences as well as the psychological components that go together. Severe impact on productivity, overall health, I think it deserves a lot more attention and I’m glad it’s finally getting it,” said Gundersen Health System Clinical Psychologist Doctor Thomas Ledoux.

Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin co-sponsored the bill.