Month of the Military Child

The theme of this year's events is "Being Your Own Superhero"
Wisconsin troops deploy to Ukraine
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Members of Wisconsin's National Guard prepare to deploy to Ukraine.

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – Children of military personnel are getting some much-deserved recognition.

The Wisconsin National Guard Child and Youth Program are celebrating the Month of the Military Child.

The program provides activities year-round for children in National Guard families.

There are numerous events that will be held over the month.

The theme of this year’s events is “Being Your Own Superhero”.

Kids will learn how to turn their feelings into superpowers and find their inner heroes.

The event helps build a community where children of service members can express both their pride and anxiety about their families’ military service, and have a community to support them.

Here is the schedule of events for the month:

April 6: Turn Your Feelings into a Superpower (Each youth will design their own crest and learn about their superpowers)
April 8: Virtual Teen Lock-In (Teens will network and build social connections with Jack Box games)
April 13: Create Your Own Superhero Character (Create your own comic book)
April 15: Purple Up Day (Wear purple and share photos on the Child & Youth Facebook Page)
April 17: Military-themed charcoal drawing with Rob Gorder
April 20: Superhero Sidekick (Introduce your pet and learn pet first aid)
April 22: Virtual Bring Your Child to Work Day – Career Day and Earth Day celebration
April 27: Who is Your Superhero? (Discussion on resilience and arts and crafts activity)