Monroe County Joint Investigative Task Force proves its worth

Task force has taken 40 cases since inception in July

A recent death investigation in Monroe County is highlighting the importance of a newly formed task force.

The Monroe County Joint Investigative Task Force is investigating an overdose death in Tomah.

It’s one of 40 cases the task force has opened since it was formed last July.

A police officer from Tomah, Sparta, and a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy make up the task force. They focus on high profile crimes like deaths and drugs, and take on cases that affect the whole county.

“We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the task force we can see the group working together very well, they’ve had several cases that have been referred to the District Attorney’s office for criminal prosecution,” said Tomah Police Department Chief Mark Nicholson.

The officers involved in the task force work exclusively on task force investigations.