Monroe County couple in alleged child neglect case appear in court

A Monroe County couple accused of keeping their children in makeshift cages, went before a judge again Thursday.

Amy Headrick, 39, and Travis Headrick, 47, are charged with multiple counts of child neglect and abuse.

While Thursday was supposed to be the Headrick’s initial appearance, they do not have an attorney yet.

Last week, the Headricks each posted a $20,000 cash bond and Thursday they signed a new bond indicating they can’t have any contact with family members who reported this case.

Dressed in blue to show awareness for child abuse, some of the silent protesters who showed up Thursday say when it comes to the allegations, the appropriate words are hard to come by.

“Disbelief and just heartbreaking.”

As News 8 reported previously, the Headricks were reported for similar cases dating as far back as 2009, while they were fostering children, although they were never charged in any of those cases.

Community members are now questioning why it took years for the Headricks to be arrested.

A statement from Monroe County Human Services, reads as follows: “The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office will prosecute the alleged abusers under criminal laws and the Monroe County Corporation Counsel Office will file child abuse and neglect petitions seeking to intervene in the lives of the children when investigations warrant such legal action.”

Many people, like Wanda Montgomery, are hoping if the Headricks are convicted, there will be justice for the children involved.

“Something needs to be done.”

Monroe County Human Services is not commenting on this specific case yet.

But in the statement they said the goal of their department is to ensure health and safety of children, and that the department continually reviews its procedures and practices.

The Headricks will appear in court again Monday, September 24th at 9 a.m.