Monroe County Board approves Second Amendment Sanctuary

Supervisors vote 15-1 to support second amendment sanctuary resolution

People in Monroe County debated the pros and cons of whether or not they should become the next county in Wisconsin to be named a Second Amendment Sanctuary, which is basically a statement that they support gun rights.

It was a packed house in front of the county board of supervisors Wednesday night.

Before the meeting, Board Chairman Pete Peterson said there was a good reason not to approve this measure too quickly, “The more I think and the more I talk to people, I think it might be wise to postpone it a month or two. Let it settle in and let us think about it. And there is a side issue to that. In two months from now there could be eight new supervisors, 50-percent of the board could be new supervisors. This might be a good issue for them to weigh in on too.”

Peterson also pointed out that the measure appeared to be moving quickly and after listening to another hour of debate, the board voted 15-1 supporting the second amendment sanctuary resolution.

Monroe County becomes the next county in Wisconsin to approve such  a measure, following Florence County in northern Wisconsin. Florence County declared itself a second amendment sanctuary county in November of last year.

Many other counties are also considering the same kind of resolution as an added protection for gun rights.