Monroe Co. couple accused of keeping children in cages reaches plea deal

Suspects in case of caged children appear in Monroe County Court
Travis and Amy Headrick

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT)- A Monroe County couple accused of keeping their children in makeshift cages reaches a plea deal with prosecutors.

Court documents show Amy and Travis Headrick pleaded guilty to two counts of Neglecting a Child, and one count of False Imprisonment. In exchange, the 6 other charges against them were dismissed. Those include 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Felony Child Abuse.

According to a criminal complaint, there were five children in the house when Amy and Travis Headrick were arrested in August of 2018.

Four of the children are adopted by the couple and one is their biological child.

The complaint states Amy kept her children in cages because they were a danger to each other and that she wanted to make sure they were safe.

It also mentions to keep them from defecating in their beds and urinating out of the window. It also states to keep the children safe from falling into the pool, as another reason.

As News 8 Now has been reporting, there has been a pattern of allegations against the Headricks which show 20 reports of child neglect, recklessly endangering safety and false imprisonment cases dating as far back as 2009.

Amy and Travis Headrick were never charged in any of those cases.

Multiple incident reports that News 8 Now obtained confirmed Amy’s mother reporting Amy and Travis Headrick to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department more than a decade ago.

She says she’s reported them multiple times over the years.

As background info, Amy’s mother says she does not have a close relationship with Amy or Amy’s sister Rebekah, the woman who reported the Headricks in this latest case.

The couple is scheduled to be sentenced May 21st at 9:00 in Monroe Co. Court.