Mom accused of leaving toddler in hot car to buy heroin in La Crosse

Katie Kaiser charged with child neglect

A woman from Galesville is accused of leaving her three-year-old son inside a hot car while she bought heroin at a La Crosse residence on Sunday.

Two La Crosse police officers were patrolling the area of Liberty and Hagar Streets when they saw a car parked in front of 826 Hagar Street with a young toddler strapped inside.  Police said the window was slightly cracked and the temperature at the time was about 70-degrees.

According to the criminal complaint, Katie Kaiser, 24, admitted to police she left her son unattended to buy and use “a point” (0.1 grams) of heroin. Kaiser told police she went into the residence and bought the heroin from 24-year-old Dana Krueger. Kaiser was charged with child neglect.

Police said when the toddler was removed from his seat, the boy’s hair was matted in sweat and his skin was very flush and red. The toddler was turned over to relatives.

Krueger was charged in La Crosse County court with two counts of possession of methamphetamine and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia for the April 12 incident and also for her part in selling $40 of heroin to Kaiser on April 11. The complaint states Krueger also told police she flushed about a half-gram of heroin down the toilet as police were waiting outside the residence. Krueger’s six-year-old daughter who was at the residence at the time of the incident was turned over to relatives.

La Crosse police also arrested Tonya Novak. The complaint states she told police she sold heroin to Kaiser on April 11, but said she did not get to keep any of the money because she middled the deal for Krueger.