Mock crash offers sobering dose of reality

One day before prom, Tomah High Schoolers learn the tragedy a bad decision can lead to.

The schools drama club teamed up with the Tomah Area Ambulance Service, Tomah Fire Department, Tomah Police Department, Oakdale First Responders, Town of Lincoln Fire Department and First Responders to put on a “Prom Night Disaster” on Friday.

That included a mock crash scenario in the school’s parking lot, which showed a scene of five kids getting hurt.

Sherry Hininger with the Warrens Fire Department was one of the first responders helping with the crash. She says it’s always tougher to respond to a crash when kids are involved.


“I hope they walk away and every young person, especially in this community, and every community is safe and drives careful every time they get behind the wheel,” said Hininger.

Hininger says alcohol isn’t the only problem. Texting and driving can be just as dangerous.

Tomah’s prom is Saturday night.