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Our News8000 News App

News App
Download the Free News8000 News App at the App Store or on Google Play and receive:

  • Today’s local and national news.
  • Local weather forecast information and radar.
  • Sign up for school closings and  send news alerts to your phone.
  • Watch the most recent News 8 newscast.

Our First Alert Weather App

First Alert Weather

Download the Free News8000 First Alert Weather App at the App Store or on Google Play and receive:

  • Current weather information
  • Weather radar
  • Video updates from the StormTeam 8 meteorologists
  • Customize your settings by location and set up weather alerts so you know what’s coming

Take a look at our News8000 News App and First Alert Weather App provides you with the latest news, weather, sports and more for the greater La Crosse, Wisconsin area, delivered directly to your mobile device with our News8000 News App.

Download it today through your app store for free.

News App screen shots and WKBT StormTeam 8 deliver the latest weather and alerts for La Crosse, Wisconsin and your location with our First Alert Weather App.

Access your First Alert forecast, live radar, video forecast, weather alerts, and more by downloading the News8000 First Alert Weather App at your app store for free.

First Alert Wx App screen shots