MnDOT installing warning systems at high-risk intersections

Two Winona County intersections among those with new warning lights

Minnesota is working to make rural intersections in the state safer.

Minnesota’s Department of Transportation is installing warning systems at 54 high-risk intersections. Two of those are in Winona County: one at Highway 43 and County Road 21, and the other at Highway 14 and County Road 25.

The system uses sensors and flashing lights to warn drivers when other vehicles are approaching the intersection.

Transportation officials say they hope the new signs will keep drivers alert, especially at night.

“It’s just an additional way to prompt motorists that there’s an intersection coming up and there may be traffic entering your highway that you’re on, or you may need to stop and be aware there’s cross traffic that doesn’t stop,” said MnDOT’s Mike Dougherty.

The intersections are being given the warning systems based on factors like limited visibility, traffic volume and previous crash history.