‘Missing’ La Crosse woman, infant found when car pulled over with drugs

Police had asked public's help since December
New Tracy Cadogan

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Tracy Cadogan of La Crosse, who has a history of drug convictions and had been the subject of a police search, along with her infant since Dec. 27, was located Friday.

Police were searching for the pair saying the infant was in need of critical medical attention for jaundice and was not getting it.

A Wisconsin state trooper pulled over the the SUV Cadogan was driving on Hwy. 157 in Onalaska Friday morning and discovered a large quantity of drugs as well as the 2-month-old child hidden under a blanket in the vehicle.

The trooper, who had been parked between Exits 3 and 4 on Interstate 90, had followed the 1998 GMC Safari Cadogan was driving when it took Exit 4 and pulled it over for a loud exhaust and faulty headlight.

A La Crosse police officer who arrived on the scene told the trooper that police had been searching for the 30-year-old Cadogan and her son had been the objects of a search since December, so the trooper had her get out of the car and put her in his vehicle, according to the criminal complaint. Two male passengers — Alan Kubera, 46, of Rockland and Tanner Olson, 25, of Mindoro — told the trooper they didn’t know where Cadogan’s baby was.

But the La Crosse officer spotted the infant’s feet sticking out from the blanket covering a car seat in the back seat, said criminal complaint, which noted that the trooper hadn’t noticed the baby during his initial inspection because the blanket covered him.

The officers took the baby from the car, and the infant later was turned over to La Crosse County Child Protective Services, according to the complaint.

Cadogan told the trooper she had been driving from North La Crosse to Walmart in Onalaska to buy a charger for her phone.

A K-9 searching the Safari showed a positive indication for drugs, and a comprehensive search revealed the following:

  • About 25.5 grams of THC/marijuana individually wrapped in 14 baggies and another container in a black purse that Cadogan later admitted was hers.
  •  51 clonazepam pills in the purse.
  • 20 Alprasolam pills, also in the purse.
  • A scale and several small, unused Ziploc baggies.
  • A ledger on the back seat floorboard.
  • A small, red plastic straw with methamphetamine residue inside.
Cadogan was arrested on three counts, including possession of THC as a repeat offender; possession of an illegally obtained prescription drug, also as a repeater, and possession of drug paraphernalia as a repeater.
Olson was arrested on a felony warrant. Kubera, who had insisted his name is Aaron Gabbard, was arrested for giving a false name.