Missing Janesville woman’s family continues to search

Police investigate another woman found dead blocks from Mary Coulthard's home

Bob Quincy hasn’t talked to his sister for a week. In their brief five or 10 minute conversation, he said she sounded fine. What happened days later is something he never expected.

“We’ll just keep searching and hopefully everything is going to come out OK,” Quincy said.

Janesville police have been looking for 75-year-old Mary Coulthard since Saturday morning. Officers were called out to her apartment complex in the 200 block of North Main Street, responding to reports of her going missing.

“When you’ve got six sisters, and this is the last one,” Quincy said. “It’s very tough.”

Since then, police have found her water bottle near the Milwaukee Street bridge, a short walk from where Coulthard lives. Other personal items were found on land down the Rock River.

“I think, OK God, give me a clue of where she might be, you know. But he hasn’t yet. He will,” Linda Quincy, Bob’s wife, said.

Bob and Jerry Quincy live with their wives in Rockford. They said their sister, Mary, moved to Janesville when she was just 16 years old. Bob Quincy described her as a kind person who would do anything for anyone. He had heard his sister would often stop and help random people on the street if they appeared to be in need.

“I never expected to hear something like this, no I didn’t. Not the kind of woman she was,” Bob Quincy said.

Bob and Linda said Coulthard had no history of any mind-altering diseases.

Since Coulthard went missing, Janesville police have launched multiple investigations with links in close proximity to where she was last seen.

Monday morning, police found a woman’s body in the 500 block of North Main Street, just blocks from Coulthard’s apartment complex. Investigators said the body is too young to be Coulthard. An autopsy is set for Tuesday morning.

On top of that, 28-year-old Clayton Courtney is in custody for attempted homicide, among other charges. Courtney is accused of nearly stabbing his roommate to death Sunday night. During that argument, police said Courtney claimed to have killed three people.

Courtney was known to spend time at the bridge spanning the river at Memorial Drive. Police were sweeping that area when they came across the body.

Police said at this point, these cases are all unrelated.

“In some ways, you think, could the police say they’re tied together? At least we would know. But they’re saying they’re not tied together,” Linda Quincy said. “So we have to start again from scratch. She’s still out there. But they’re still looking.”

“Hopefully they don’t find her in the river. That’s what I’m hoping, that she’ll come back home eventually,” Bob Quincy said. “That’s all we can hope.”