Minnesota’s DFL and GOP parties looking to flip or hold on to key seats

Both Democrats and Republicans in Minnesota are looking to hold on to or flip some seats during this upcoming election. One race in the southern part of the state could have national consequences.

Tim Walz (D) is not seeking re-election in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, a seat which he has held since 2007. He is instead running for governor.

During a campaign event for candidate Jim Hagedorn, Houston County Republican Party Jan Deters said she’s heard about the warning of a blue wave by some other Republicans, but she doesn’t focus too much on the polls since the last presidential election.

“We were surprised, happily surprised that night, when the state or the whole United States was going so red,” Deters said.

She’s going door to door to get out the vote for congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn. Deters said Republicans will be motivated to vote because some of President Trump’s policies have had time to take effect.

“Trump isn’t physically on the ballot but he is on the ballot in spirit,” Deters said.

Laura Minegar said the Houston County Democratic Party is actively working to get Hagedorn’s opponent Dan Feehan elected.

‘We’re trying to keep it as it is, in Dan Feehan, who is a teacher, a veteran, somebody who is totally committed to public service,” said Minegar, secretary for the Houston County DFL party.

She said having the candidate in the area helps energize potential voters.

“We had our congressional candidate, Dan Feehan, here as early as a year ago [in] August,” Minegar said.

But Deters said area Republican voters will be motivated to cast a ballot by the narrow confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanuagh to the Supreme Court. These voters may also be likely to show support for the GOP because they disagree with how some members of Congress treated him.

“Just all the hoopla and the antics that the Democrats put up against him,” Deters said.

But Minegar is trying to focus on a positive message when meeting with potential voters, saying what they’re for rather than what they’re against.

“Politics is super divisive right now but I think we all have a lot more in common and our goals have a lot more in common than we think,” Minegar said.

Republicans will continue to do door knocking, especially for Jim Hagedorn’s campaign around the county. The Democrats have a candidates forum Tuesday at 6:30 P.M. at La Crescent’s Fine Arts Center.

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