Minnesota state troopers had to evacuate governor’s son during Jan. 6 protests in St. Paul

Minnesota Guns
Armed demonstrators protest in support of President Donald Trump outside the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul Jan. 6. (Star-Tribune photo via AP)

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WKBT) — Minnesota State Patrol troopers had to escort Gov. Tim Walz’s 14-year-old son to safety after a “Storm the Capitol” protest in St. Paul shifted to the governor’s residence several blocks away.

Minnesota Troopers

Minnesota State Patrol troopers, posted on the steps of the state Capitol as armed protesters demonstrated, later had to escort Gov. Tim Walz’s son from the governor’s mansion. (Star-Tribune photo via AP)

The Democratic governor disclosed during a virtual forum Monday that threats made at the St. Paul rally “resulted for the first time in the state patrol entering the living quarters and removing my 14-year old son to a safe location as he’s crying looking for his dog.”

The Minnesota Capitol rally Jan. 6 coincided with the deadly riot of supporters of President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol.
Visibly angry, Walz made that comments during a tense virtual meeting convened to focus on what the governor and lawmakers hope to accomplish in the 2021 legislative session
Walz lambasted Minnesota Republican leaders for continuing to question how the presidential election was conducted.
“I’m just going to weigh in and then I’m going to sign off because I too am incredibly disappointed in this conversation,” Walz told lawmakers and members of the Minnesota Capitol Press Corps.
The two top Republicans in the state Legislature, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, both agreed Joe Biden won. But they stopped short of rejecting claims that the election was rigged.