Minnesota residents cast their vote in Super Tuesday caucus

Both the Republican and Democrat caucuses were held for a number of precincts in Houston County at La Crescent High School Tuesday.

The voter turnout in Minnesota was only expected to be about 10 percent, but the nine Democrat precincts in caucusing at the high school almost ran out of ballots.

“When the caucus convener asked how many people are here for the first time more hands went up then I could possibly count, it was absolutely fantastic,” Hokah resident Eric Leitzen said.

Leitzen is a big fan of the caucus process versus the primary because he said it gives voters the chance to talk about the election.

“We get the chance to actually meet people, talk with people, kind of hash out the issues because that’s the most important things is talking about the issues,” Leitzen said.

On the Republican side, Joshua Sayers participated is his first caucus Tuesday. He said he’s voted in many other elections, even when he was overseas with the military, but this year he felt compelled to make his voice heard.

“Because I feel that our country is in dire shape, we need to really get more vocal and and active in our campaigns here,” Sayers said.

Sayers said he was impressed by how smooth the caucus went, admitting he had no idea how the process even worked before it began. He ran for and was elected a delegate so he can be a voice for his candidate at the county level and maybe beyond.

“Because I’m very focused this year on making sure we get the message out, why it’s important we elect the right candidate, and I’m very motivated to make sure this country moves in the right direction,” Sayers said.

At La Crescent High School, four Republican precincts voted, with Marco Rubio winning by one vote over Ted Cruz. 

On the Democratic side, nine precincts were voting at the high school. Bernie Sanders won with 75 percent of the vote.

Wisconsin’s presidential primary takes place on April 5. It is an open primary with 96 Democrat delegates and 42 Republican delegates up for grabs.