Minnesota Marine Art Museum to open two new exhibits

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Oil and pastel paintings of Northfield, Minn., Frederick D. Somers will be featured in an exhibit opening Friday, Jan. 15. (MMAM photo)

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) — The Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona will open two new temporary exhibitions this month, including one featuring Winona native Tony Duran’s photos of some of the biggest names in entertainment.
“Tony Duran: California” will open Friday, highlighting the work of Duran, who has been a freelance photographer throughout the world for years and has lived in Los Angeles, Calif., for two decades.

Mmam Sharon Stone

This photo of Sharon Stone will be among those featured in “Tony Duran: California.” Also in the exhibit of Winona native Duran will be photos of Lopez, Beyoncé, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda and dozens of other celebrities. (MMAM photo)

His break into fame occurred when he photographed singer/movie star Jennifer Lopez, which subsequently led to photography gigs for him with nearly every leading celebrity in the music, fashion, film and television industries.
“Artist and photographer Tony Duran often uses beaches, pools, fountains and showers in his photo shoots,” said Jon Swanson, MMAM’s collections and exhibitions curator.
The exhibit, which includes nudity, will showcase portraits of Lopez, Beyoncé, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda and dozens of other celebrities on the beaches and in the pool sand baths of California.
The Duran exhibit will last through April 25.
“Frederick D. Somers: Miracle of Waters,” featuring oil and pastel paintings by the Northfield, Minn., native, will open on Friday, Jan. 15.
Somers’ works have reflected themes from the land for more than 50 years. He aims to share the hidden places of nature, from intimate views of grass, rocks and water with reflections of light and sky to spacious vistas of the countryside.
He conducts his painting workshops in the United States and Scandinavia. That exhibit will run through April 11.
Online versions of both exhibitions will be available for free at the museum’s website for those unable to attend in person.
MMAM, which will reopen to the public on Tuesday, Jan. 12, after being closed in accordance with the state’s COVID-19 guidelines, has regular gallery and store hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday
For more information and a full exhibition schedule, go to the website of the museum, which is at 800 Riverview Drive in Winona.