Minnesota churches help relieve medical debt

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) — Even before the pandemic hit, many families were struggling to keep up with medical bills as they piled up.
And five churches in southeastern Minnesota have stepped up to try to help out.
They began a campaign last Spring to cover the cost of more than 2 million dollars for those in medical debt…
Between raising $15,000, and partnering with a New York-based nonprofit. called RIP Medical Debt, they were able to help more than one-thousand households throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“This world where it seems like everything you hear about is more cases of COVID or just unrest and angry feelings. We’re so glad that we can share with the world some good news,” said Rev. Rachel Rosendahl of Grace Presbyterian Church.

Not only did the clergy want to lessen the hardship for families… but they wanted to show that even small communities can do tremendous things.
The church won’t know directly who their efforts helped, but recipients will receive a letter in the mail informing them their debts have been paid.