Milwaukee-based company teams up with Redevelopment Authority to make La Crosse River Point District a reality

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The vision for La Crosse’s River Point District is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Plans for the vacant property across from Festival Foods on Copeland Ave. have been a topic of discussion for more than two decades.

Now, F Street Development Group is entering into a Planning Option Agreement with the Redevelopment Authority of La Crosse to turn the space into a mixed-use waterfront neighborhood.

Using the Redevelopment Authority’s master plan, the company is conducting a feasibility study of the property, in addition to assessing commercial and housing needs of the community.

The company’s owner said Tuesday there will be some challenges, but is excited to get the ball rolling.

“This is a big parcel, this is a big undertaking. But it’s certainly a welcomed one by I think a lot of the community. To have the leadership that is stewarding this forward, I think is very critical to see what La Crosse will look like in one, three, five, and seven years when the entire development is completed,” said Scott Lurie, owner of F Street Group.

The Redevelopment Authority said planning and preparation will be the two main priorities over the next several months; making sure infrastructure and utilities are in place.