Midwest Banjo Fest comes to La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- The Midwest Banjo Club is hosting its 57th annual event.

Banjo Fest is a celebration where different musicians perform different banjo routines.

The fest takes place all weekend in various locations around La Crosse

Earlier today, the fest took place at Houghton’s Jackson Street Pub.

Tonight, performances will be at the Concordia Ballroom on La Crosse Street.

Midwest Banjo Club members say the event allows them to get together with friends and share their love for the banjo.

“It was a group that started in Minneapolis 57 years ago and moved downriver to La Crosse about half a century ago. It’s a group of Banjo Players who just like getting together and playing riverboat banjo music,” said Midwest Banjo Club member, Neil Dureskye.

The event will continue Sunday afternoon at the La Crosse Queen River Boat on East Veterans Memorial Drive.