George Floyd’s death can affect mental health of people who feel targeted

Counseling or therapy can help, according to health officials

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – George Floyd’s death may have major health repercussions to those who feel targeted by authorities.

Feeling targeted can trigger a fight or flight response in people, according to health experts at Gundersen health System.

Continually being under a fight or flight response can lead to chronic health diseases.

Which is why it’s recommended to talk to someone you trust, if you are feeling targeted.

“When you talk to a child and you ask them who is your trusted adult it might be the neighbor three houses down, it might be grandma or a friend or uncle or a friend’s mother. So resilience in those people that we feel supported by can really come from any place,” said Gundersen Health System office of population consultant Sandy Brekke.

Counseling or therapy can also help if you feel targeted.