Memorial and march in La Crosse

La CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Riverside Park in La Crosse was filled with protesters on Wednesday evening. The protest consisted of many speakers, who volunteered to tell stories about when they were directly affected by racism.

The speakers said the goal was to educate the community on Campaign Zero, and what they can do to help elevate the voices of Blacks. Hundreds of people attended the memorial and protests, which surprised the speaker Nicole Sutton.

“When I talk about certain things people kind of shut off but people are listening right now and it’s such a beautiful and sad time. It’s sad that it took this much time to get here, but I’m glad that people are listening now,” said Sutton.

Two of the speakers reiterated that their goal was to teach.

“The question that we’re getting in the community that people are having is, yes police violence is happening, how do we stop it? Black Lives Matter the movement has known how to stop it from the beginning, that is the point,” said Katrina Sletten.

The march portion of the event looped around Downtown, stopped at City Hall where protesters sat in silence for 9 minutes. At City Hall, Chief of Police Shawn Kudron and Mayor Tim Kabat spoke to the crowd. The group ended the night back at Riverside Park.