Members of La Crosse community revealed to lead Oktoberfest parades

Two La Crosse community members have been picked to lead some of Oktoberfest’s largest events!

Neil Duresky will be at the head of the Maple Leaf Parade.

Duresky has lived in La Crosse his entire life, with the exception of 4 years during military service. He has led the America Legion Post 52, been a part of the La Crosse Board of Education, and a vital part of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

“We marched in a lot of parades in La Crosse, and my kids have marched in 19 parades as Central band members and 4 parades as Screming Eagle band members, so I’ve seen a lot of Maple Leafe parades and enjoyed all of them,” said Duresky.

Chuck Thoftne, born and raised on La Crosse’s north side, will lead the Torchlight Parade.

He has worked for multiple local businesses, including currently for Kwik Trip as a Supervisor of 110 area locations. Thoftne also chairs many groups and associations throughout the community.

“Being nominated for that, it means the world. It’s something that you will remember for a long time,” said Thoftne.

Oktoberfest begins Thursday, September 27. The Torchlight Parade is that night, and the Maple Leaf Parade is the following Saturday.