Sarah Thamer

Sarah Thamer

Sarah joined News 8 as a reporter and producer in July 2016. She grew up in Richfield, Minnesota and lived 15 minutes away from the beautiful city of Minneapolis. Sarah attended the University of Minnesota where she pursued a degree in Journalism through the U’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Being a journalist has always been her biggest goal and passion. She believes she has the best job in the world because she is learning new things every day and meeting incredible people along the way.

Sarah’s deepest desire as a reporter is to be a megaphone for voices that can’t be heard and to be a light in areas of darkness. She makes it a goal to tell meaningful stories every day.

Favorite movie: Pursuit of Happiness

Favorite band: Mumford and Sons

Favorite food: Pasta and Sushi (not together, obvious reasons)

What do you like about your job? Being a reporter means that every day is so different. It’s always a mystery!

What are you bad at and wish you could do better? Playing musical instruments. I can play the chopsticks on the piano.

Do you have a hobby or collect anything special to you? I enjoy writing and reading poetry and love collecting anything written by Charles Bukowski.

Favorite way to spend a day off? I like being outdoors or visiting museums. I love exploring new cities and places, even if they’re ten minutes away.