Mayor Harter vetoes two advisory referendums for April ballot

LA CROSSE, Wis. — La Crosse Mayor Matt Harter has vetoed two advisory referendums that would’ve appeared on April’s ballot.

In the vetoes, the mayor says part of the reason is because there’s usually only one referendum on a ballot.  April’s ballot already includes one asking voters if a city administrator should be hired.

The first referendum the mayor vetoed is about billboards in the city.  It would ask voters if the number of billboards should be cut-back and if digital billboards should be banned alltogether.

Besides being against having more than one referendum on the ballot, the Mayor says a committee in charge of putting together its recommendations about billboards hasn’t finished its work yet.


The Mayor also vetoed the referendum asking voters if the city council should be trimmed from 17 members down to 13 to match the county board districts.

In his veto, Mayor Harter says this is not a pressing issue, adding that if the council still thinks it’s necessary later, the issue could be put on the ballot in the future.