Mayo supports better process for doctors to be licensed in many states

New legislation would affect all state licensure requirements

As telemedicine becomes more popular, practiced doctors will be required to be medically licensed in multiple states.

However, the process of becoming licensed in different states can be a very time consuming and process.

To fix this issue a proposed piece of legislation would reduce the amount of time it would take to gain licensure after the first state.

Officials at Mayo Clinic Health System said that a reduction in time to get another license in another state could help their patients.

“When we’re able to bring in the expertise of the entire Mayo Clinic Health System and Mayo Clinic in the Midwest, to allow Minnesota physician to get that Wisconsin License more efficiently, that’s going to have a definite positive impact on our patient care,” said Dr. Dave Rushlow with Mayo Clinic Health System.

The proposed legislation would affect all state licensure requirements, meaning that doctors could become more easily licensed throughout the entire U.S.