Mayo Clinic staff get extra day off in thanks for pandemic work

ROCHESTER, Minn. (WKBT) — Mayo Clinic Health System is thanking its staff for their hard work by giving them an extra day off Nov. 26.

The health care system will close most of its U.S. outpatient practices and suspend scheduled surgeries on the day after Thanksgiving to offer its staff a day of thanks for supporting their patients during the pandemic.

“I could talk all day about the above and beyond performance that they do to take care of our patients and take care of each other. And some of that relates to, if you have someone else at home, who picks up a shift, and our staff do that every day. Taking care of patients who are in isolation, patients who have COVID-19 disease, and then need to gown up and mask all day long as burdensome to them. And so recognizing that this has been a long haul, it’s been 18 months, we feel our staff deserve another day off, or some recognition of that sacrifice,” said Dr. Paul Mueller, Mayo Clinic Health System Regional Vice President.

Patients who have previously scheduled appointments in areas that will close on Nov. 26 will be contacted in the coming weeks to reschedule those appointments.

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