Mayo Clinic says people should watch for Rocky Mountain spotted fever symptoms

After the death of a La Crosse County woman, local health care providers want people to know the signs of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Mayo Clinic Health System says people should watch for a fever, muscle aches, joint and abdominal pains, and a rash. Those symptoms are common between many tick-borne diseases… but the rash would develop on your extremities and head inwards, rather than the bulls-eye rash associated with Lyme’s disease.

Everyone should also check themselves for ticks after being outside… and go see a doctor if they develop any of those symptoms after a bite

“Really, what you want to focus on are areas behind your ears, your hairline, your armpits, between the legs, behind the knees. These are the typical areas where you can find these critters,” said Mayo Clinic Infectious Diseases Specialist Ala Dababneh.

Most tick-borne diseases are transmitted from deer ticks commonly found in Wisconsin, but RMSF is transferred from Wood Ticks which are slightly bigger with some gray or white markings on their backs.