Mayo Clinic Health System leaders say increase in COVID-19 cases is not due to additional testing

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Mayo Clinic Health System leaders are trying to spread an important message about the rise in COVID-19 cases across Wisconsin.

Mayo’s President Bobbie Gostout, M.D., and Chief Administrative Officer Mary Jo Williamson posted a video on Youtube debunking the myth that the rise in cases is due to increased testing.

According to their statement, the rise in infections is not related to additional testing.

The virus is spreading exponentially in Wisconsin communities and as a result, Mayo is seeing many more patients in its hospitals.

Health leaders say everyone needs to be thoughtful because you don’t know who you could spread COVID to and how it will impact their lives.

“When we’re out and about, we don’t know if the person next to us getting groceries, or having a drink at the bar, or cheering on their kids at a soccer game may personally be at high risk, has a child battling cancer, or cares for an elderly parent. While you may not be personally worried because you believe you would recover if you get the virus, others you unknowingly infect may not,” said Gostout.

Gostout also says if the spread is not contained hospitals will become overwhelmed and schools and businesses could shut down again.