Mayo Clinic Health System introduces new treatment for lung cancer

ROCHESTER, Minn. (WKBT) – November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

With a 25% death rate, Mayo Clinic Health System doctors in Rochester have come up with a new procedure to help battle this deadly illness.

Called robotic bronchoscopy, this new procedure leads to early detection and a higher survival rate.

Experts say that this new procedure will take the place of surgery.

“It’s important to get screened because it’s important to get a diagnosis,” said mayo clinic health system thoracic surgeon dr. Janani s. Reisenauer. “If you get the diagnosis early, then we can save lives by catching cancers early and treating them and curing them.”

Doctors say if you start experiencing a cough that doesn’t go away, chest pain, or constant fatigue, to go get checked out immediately.