Mayo Clinic experts provides health tips when it’s hot outside

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – When it gets this hot this quickly, the experts at Mayo Clinic Health System say it takes time for our bodies to adjust.

Doctors say its really important stay hydrated and rested during these heat waves, especially when it’s humid.

“If you’re starting to feel weak, shaky, have a headache, those are all signs that you’re starting to get overheated,” Dr. Jodie Diemer said. “If you get to a point where your mouth is starting to feel dry, or you’re no longer making sweat, at that point you’re pretty significantly dehydrated.”

Diemer says hot days are not the days to catch up on all of the gardening or lawn mowing.

If you are doing these activities, Diemer says be sure to do it in smaller chunks and drink plenty of water.

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