Mayo Clinic donates $50,000 to Arcadia Ambulance Service

Mayo Clinic Health System is giving a serious financial boost to Arcadia’s Ambulance service.

A check for $50,000 is going to the city of Arcadia’s effort to raise money for a new emergency medical technician facility.

“This will be a great kickoff to our fundraiser,” said Cletus Foegen, president of the Arcadia Ambulance Service.

The ambulance service is currently located in a facility that has outgrown its effectiveness.

Foegen says the team of volunteers don’t have living quarters in the EMT’s current building.

“We are kind of spread all over,” Foegen said.

Paul Winey is a physician’s assistant at the Arcadia Mayo Clinic location. He says medical treatment starts long before the patient is in a hospital.

“Really it starts even with the citizens recognizing that there is an emergency and accessing 9-1-1,” Winey said.

Winey says he had experience working as an EMT when he first started in the medical profession.

His experience taught him how important these services are to saving lives.

“The care they give during either a car accident medical emergency, chest pain shortness of breath, even a child in distress,” Winey said. “It really starts bedside or at the side of the curb with a car.”

Arcadia’s EMT service assists eight townships and municipalities covering 450 square miles. When those services are not there, the affects are felt tremendously.

“I have been in situations where that care wasn’t available and it was incredibly difficult and stressful,” Winey said.

The new building carries an estimated cost between $700,000-750,000. The city hopes efforts like this get Arcadia a facility built for all circumstances.

“They will finally end up in one spot to house the ambulance, house their personnel and do their training without traveling around,” Winey said.

“When we get our new building we will be all in one place,” Foegen said. “It should be a lot more efficient.”

The city says it will save time that can mean the difference between life and death.