Mayo Clinic analyzing plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients

Clinical trials could start by late April

ROCHESTER, Minn. (WKBT) – A Minnesota hospital is beginning a new kind of testing that could hopefully lead to a treatment for COVID-19.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester is now analyzing the plasma of some recovered COVID-19 patients.

The goal is to detect an immune response from people who have the virus.

The program would ideally lead to transfusing those antibodies from a recovered patient into someone who is sick.

“There’s some evidence coming out of China where they used convelescent plasma as treatment suggesting it works well. So we really do have high hopes that it will be successful here as well,” said Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Elitza Theel.

The Mayo Clinic is hoping to start clinical trials of antibody treatment on patients with COVID-19 in a couple of weeks.