May 2015 Top Notch Teacher: Britta Rotering

Consumer Sciences teacher pushes students to find their confidence

For most teachers a single subject is enough, but one Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau (G-E-T) School District teacher often teaches more than five. She said each topic helps her reach a whole new group of students.

When you ask Britta Rotering what topics she teaches you’re not going to get a short answer.

“They range from things like child development, to parent and children, housing interior design, family, food and society, gourmet foods, fashion design and construction,” Rotering said.

Teaching a variety of classes means the G-E-T teacher meets a variety of students.

“Some students that we have come in at a very low level, and I’ll have other students that come in who are incredibly talented in that content,” Rotering said. “I really enjoy taking all those students a step or even further in the content area no matter where they are coming in at.”

To reach all of her students, Rotering creates a hands-on atmosphere and pushes her kids beyond their comfort zones.

“You pull them along and you pull them along, and it’s a fine line between are they going to resent you for doing this or are they going to take that challenge and thrive,” Rotering said.

Students say that sets her apart from other grownups.

“She’s so much more respectful, she kind of teaches us as if we were adults and not kids,” said Hunter Mason, a freshman at G-E-T.

“You try new things, you can fail at things, but you will always succeed in her eyes,” said Megan Larson, a freshman at G-E-T.

“I know she has four kids of her own, and she thinks one of us is her kid, and she treats us like her kid,” said Lexi Schalow a freshman at G-E-T.

Besides the life skills, students learn in Rotering’s class

“how to take care of themselves, how to budget, how to launder their clothes,” Rotering said.

She hopes they’ve gained self confidence in her class.

“That they’ve learned that they can overcome, they can put themselves in a new situation and that it doesn’t always have to be something that they are comfortable with,” Rotering said.

Rotering is also an adviser for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. Many of her students participate in the organization. They even compete, and have put on charity events for community groups, including the New Horizons women’s shelter.

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