Mary Mickelson revealed as the 2018 Mrs. Oktoberfest

This year’s Mrs. Oktoberfest is revealed!

Mary Mickelson will serve as this year’s Mrs. “O” during the Oktoberfest celebrations.

Mickelson is a Travel Agent who has lived in La Crosse for most of her life. She’s volunteered for many local organizations, and won other community awards.

Mickelson says she’s excited to be a part of the festivities she and her husband have enjoyed throughout their lives.

“We took vacations so we could go to a Lederhosen Luncheon, we would take vacations to make sure we didn’t miss the Tapping of the Golden Keg. It’s just always been something we’ve done,” said Mickelson.

Mickelson says she most looks forward to the Torchlight and Maple Leaf parades.