Marquette poll: Two-thirds of American public approve of SCOTUS

MILWAUKEE (WKBT) — A Marquette Law School poll of adults nationwide completed shortly before the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg finds 66% say they approve of the way the U.S. Supreme Court is handling its job, while 33% disapprove.

A similarly large 59% say they trust the Court the most among the three branches of government, with 24% saying they trust the presidency most and 16 percent saying they trust Congress the most.

The level of confidence in any specific branch of government is somewhat limited, with 40% saying they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the Court and 45% saying they have some confidence. Sixteen percent say they have very little or no confidence in the Court.

While nominations to the Court have become highly partisan in recent years, a majority of each partisan group approves of how the Court is handling its job. Approval is highest among Republicans, with 80% saying they approve. Among independents, 64 percent approve, while 57% of Democrats approve. Those disapproving are 19% of Republicans, 34% of independents, and 43% of Democrats.

With the exception of those who consider themselves very liberal, a majority of each ideological category also approves of how the Court is handling its job.