Market Square Ramp will need more money for repairs

City officials looking into quick deterioration

More money is needed for repairs on a downtown parking ramp in La Crosse.

The Market Square Ramp on the corner of 4th and Jay Streets needs an additional $73,000 worth of structural repairs.

The money is needed to complete the second phase of emergency repairs on two of the basement walls and a column.

The building is only 15 years old and was expected to last another 60 years before any major renovations were needed. Now city officials are trying to figure why the ramp has deteriorated so quickly.

“There are three theories on what might be going on. One of them is some kind of design error by the engineers who designed the ramp. The other theory is poor workmanship in the construction and the third possibly is poor materials in construction,” said La Crosse Public Works Assistant Director Robert Haines.

The assistant director of public works says the repairs won’t inconvenience anyone entering or leaving the ramp.