Marijuana goggles give glimpse into danger of driving high

As four states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and others consider doing the same, Innocorp, a Verona company, has created a safety education product, Fatal Vision Marijuana Impairment Simulation Goggles.

“We are working with experts in the field, drug recognition experts, to try to understand what the consequences of recreational marijuana consumption might be,” said Michael Aguilar, president and CEO of Innocorp.

The company has been working for two years to develop the goggles and has done beta testing with students in Michigan and New York. The product is being marketed to schools, law enforcement agencies and the military. The hope is the simulation goggles will resonate more with people than a lecture.

“They will ask you questions, so instead of doing a push of information, you get to do a pull because they will ask you, ‘What about this and what about that?” And you have a better chance of having that lesson driven home on their terms,” said Deb Kusmec, chief operating officer of Innocorp.

The Fatal Vision Marijuana Impairment Simulation Goggles come with a program that includes six activities. While wearing the goggles unimpaired participants experience difficulty processing information and delayed decision making.

“The information is not slowing down, just your ability to process it,” said Tim Jorgensen, product developer for Innocorp.