March 2015 Top Notch Teacher: Lisa Lenarz

Logan Middle and HS Art teacher helps students grow

Lisa Lenarz was a stay-at-home mom, but she always wanted to pursue art.

“I found myself teaching art classes to every neighborhood child within a 10-mile radius so I decided I should go back to school to become an art teacher,” Lenarz said.

She did, and now works at Logan Middle and High School.

“I think that I gravitate toward middle school and high school and higher just because I feel like I can get one-on-one attention more with the students that are a little older,” Lenarz said.

“She really gets to know students and actually cares about them,” Dylan Thoren, a student of Lenarz, said.

Lenarz said she tries to use art as a way to help her students understand other topics.

“We just finished up on the African-American Heritage Month project where they did a project on a notable African-American that they think nobody has heard about, so it adds a didactic element into the art,” Lenarz said.

She’s even managed to get students who admit that they didn’t’ think they liked subject to pick up a paintbrush.

“Your liking for a subject is based on the teacher and ever since I met her I’ve loved art a lot more.” Thoren said.

Lenarz said while she knows students in her class will learn about art, she hopes art can help her students learn something about themselves.

“They ask themselves, you know, ‘What’s it all for, why do we do this?’ and the arts really help them solve that problem because there is multiple answers for every question that you ask,” Lenarz said.

In addition to teaching both middle school and high school students Lenarz also teaches art at Viterbo University.

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